Surviving World of WarCraft Obsession in Your Significant Other

Perhaps your spouse has found a new love in his/her life? They have spent a good amount of their time attached to their new friend and maybe you are starting to feel just a tiny bit left out? Or maybe you have started searching the house or town, wondering who has kidnapped your precious loved one? Don’t worry too much, I promise you that they won’t be too far away. They are only just in front of the computer within the household, although, in their minds, they are worlds away. If you haven’t been taken by the game of World of WarCraft by now, then perhaps you might need a survival guide for that important person in your life who has. Here are some tips on getting through your day while your sweetie plays in their own virtual playground.
You will need to invest in a second computer or laptop if you don’t already have one. This is very important if you run an online business, write on the side, or take online classes for school. It is guaranteed that your computer time on the original computer will literally be cut down more by half. A second computer or laptop will be necessary. Also if you have children at home, you may have to share computer time with them as well. Write a computer schedule for you and the children for the second computer. Do not let the game of World of Warcraft be stored on this one too!! If your budget is tight, try to find one on Ebay, or purchase refurbished computers on websites like Tiger-Direct or If you own an online business, you could possibly get a personal business loan for your computer too. Just speak with your local bank.

When your sweetie gets in the door or when you see them after work-talk to them then-right then and there! Kiss them like they are leaving for war! In a way-they will be doing some battles on the game of World of War-Craft-but just virtually. So don’t worry about them physically-their eyes just may be glazed over! Ask any important questions or discuss special issues before they log on. Once they have been captured-anything that you might be wondering about-just might have to wait until the next day…. If you really want some extra time with your honey-prepare their favorite dinner or dessert. They will eat first-before heading to the computer. –Hunger always comes first!

If some time has passed, the children have been put to bed, and your hobbies are through for the night, entertain yourself with your gamer. This trick that is about to be mentioned is a little mean, but it certainly will give you some laughs. If your gamer wears noise canceling headphones, then this will be an easy boredom beater. Go up to your sweetie, and begin asking silly questions-with a very serious expression on your face. Ask such things like…”Do you like ?” (insert a food they don’t like in the blank). Would you like to go _? (insert something they absolute hate doing here). But be sure you appear serious. Most of the time-they will nod their heads yes-because that always seems to be the correct answer. Don’t do it too often-or you might make them upset. Just do it every now and then. It is very easy entertainment.

Last of all–find a hobby that you love! Your sweetie has already found theirs! So why not get involved with a passion of your own? It is okay for both you and your companion to enjoy different activities. While World of Warcraft may annoy you to no end at times, at least you know that they are safe at home right with you. They are just enjoying a favorite past time. Take up reading some of your favorite books, try a new craft, start a business, sell stuff on Ebay, exercise, or think of it as extra time to spend with the kids. Just be sure that you don’t end up spending too much time doing things apart. As a couple, you do still need to come together every now and then.

The more you fight about the game, or try to get them not to play-it will cause a rift between the two of you. Try to accept the game and that it is just something that they enjoy to do. If your sweetie spends the weekends or evenings with you still, you are in good hands. The game hasn’t completely engulfed them. The only warning signs you need to watch out for if they have an addiction is if they are not attending work, not eating, bathing, sleeping, or just basically have glued their behind to the chair. If your sweetie has done none of the following, then you can survive the game of World of WarCraft. Although, if you find your honey as done those listed, seek counseling now!

So think about how you can spend the hours of game time. It won’t be too awful. Perhaps you may learn to enjoy the extra freedom or quiet time. At first, it may be hard, but eventually, it will become more custom. Keep this guide in mind, and always tell your companion that you love them-no matter what. Life is short. There just isn’t enough time in our lives to spend it fighting. We only have one life. … use it well.

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