All About Runescape Fletching

Fletching is one of the most fun skills you can learn in the game Runescape. It allows you to make archery equipment, such as arrows, bows, crossbows, and bowstrings, as well as cross certain shortcuts that require fletching skill to bypass. But how does one quickly and easily train fletching? This guide is here to help.
To start out, you’ll need a knife. You can find these in the general store for a couple gold. Without a knife, you won’t be able to perform most fletching actions. One of those is cutting logs. Being able to cut logs allows you to make arrows, bows, crossbow stock, and other fletching materials. To cut logs, simply left click the knife to use it. A white outline on the knife should appear. Then left click your logs. A screen will appear asking you what you would like to make. Right click what you’d like o make, then choose how many from such options as 1, 5, 10, and x (x where you type in how many you’d like to create. This is useful for mass cutting, when you have a knife and the rest of your inventory is logs.

Arrows are a great product you can create using fletching. First, you need to make arrow shafts from the logs you cut. One log set can make at least 15 shafts and this will give you additional 5 experience points. One feather is needed per arrow. One arrow is equal to 1 experience points. Then to finish of, make arrow heads from metals. You can buy or make the arrow heads.

Bows can as well can be created using Fletching. You must first make use of wood to create long or short bow. Get flax and use it with a Spinning wheel. That will produce a bow string. Combine the bow and bowstring to create a strung bow.

To be able to make crossbows you need to combine several skills with fletching which are smithing, cooking and crafting. This item is made from wood and metal. The first thing you need to do is to have a set of logs in order to produce crossbow stock. Then make a set of crossbow limbs out of metal. You also need to cook some meat (not chicken or fish, one that looks like a steak.) Once cooked, cook it again, and then choose to make sinew. That is used to string your crossbow

This guide should help you understand the different task which can be completed using fletching. Now go out there and fletch!