New World Build: Life Staff Healer Guide (Light’s Embrace)


Life Staff Healer’s build revolves around healing expeditions, alongside supporting your party members with AOE damage utilizing the Ice Gauntlets. This PVE build is primarily for expeditions, but you can always use the same for other challenging PVE locations, such as Elites. It’s even quite agile in terms of PVP scenarios. So, if you have been seeking a good Life Staff Healer build, then the following guide is perfect for you.

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Working on the build

When your party pulls in a group of dreadful mobs, you are tasked to drop an Ice Storm spell to AOE and slow them down. While that’s happening, you swap to your Life Staff to begin healing the party members. During the phase, you will either use Sacred Ground or Beacon depending upon the enemy that you are up against and then utilize Light’s Embrace to spot heal whenever necessary for this New World Life Staff Build.

When Ice Storm’s cooldown is over, you can swamp back to help the DPS-based players. You will also be utilizing Entombed for mana regeneration if you feel that you’re about to run about. The spell Ice Pylon can create a frosted area, which can be used to benefit from passive spells, such as Refreshing Frost.


Since your main weapon is Life Staff and the healing is dependent upon the weapon’s damage, you will be adding a significant number of points into Focus. Adding a few points into Intelligence is also a wise move to enhance the mechanics of Ice Gantlets, but it’s best you use an Amber Gem for them, for this New World Healer Build. Doing so changes a % of the gauntlet’s damage to nature, which is a better damage type than ice as it increases the overall damage and is less resisted on average.

You can also place some of your points into Constitution so you don’t end up dying quickly. A good recommendation would be to take Constitution up to around 50 for an increase in consumable healing.

Life Staff Skills

Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds creates an overtime AOE heal in a certain location. It can either be base-off the positioning of the other party members or simply target the ground.


Beacon creates an overtime AOE heal over the enemy, which means any party member near it will get healed for this New World Healer Guide. It works best when you are fighting against a hard boss in expeditions since it wears off when the enemy dies, so you wouldn’t want to waste it on easier mobs. You can also place a Beacon on your tank if needed.

Light’s Embrace

Light’s Embrace is a spot heal that is utilized to top up the entire part or heal those who have taken a significant amount of damage. It has a short cooldown, but the cost of high that it uptakes is more.


Absolved is a ‘must-have’ passive ability as it allows you to attack the enemies with your Life Staff without losing an ounce of mana. As time goes by and your progress, you can eventually take Divine Blessing capstone on the healing skill tree for your New World Life Staff Build.

Ice Gauntlet Skills

Ice Storm

Ice Storm deals powerful damage in terms of AOE while slowing down the enemy in the targeted area. You can use this to offer a helping hand to your party in damaging the enemies, and then swap to Life Staff when healing is required.


Entombed is an amazing skill to recover mana rapidly. You can use it to feel that your mana is about to run out, or when you have less mana and your party requires a significant amount of heal. You can also use it to AGGRO the enemies in dangerous situations.

Ice Pylon

Ice Pylon isn’t often utilized as a Life Staff Healer in the early content, but you can add it once you are familiarized with the build. It can inflict some damage and create a frosted area to get benefits with passive-specific abilities, such as Quick Frost and Refreshing Frost.


The only two weapons that you need to seek after as a Life Staff Healer are Ice Gauntlet and Life Staff. Look into the weapons that offer maximum damage that increases your damage and the healing capabilities of your Life Staff for this New World Healer Build. Weapons with Focus, Crit Damage, and Crit Damage are also a wise approach to further boost the stats. Similarly, it would also be nice to have Outgoing Healing on a Life Staff in this New World Healer Guide.

Make sure that you drop an Amber Gem into your Ice Gauntlet to maximize its capabilities, and place a diamond into your Life Staff to increase its healing. These two aren’t ‘must-haves’ but they can make your equipment more effective.


Having equipped with lighter armor increases the healing that you perform, so that’s what you should likely consider. You can always opt for medium if you are looking for extra protection and feel that you won’t be able to survive the damage. A good suggestion would be to equip light armor entirely, but with the light chest piece replaced with a medium variant to increase the protection and the healing power.
You need to watch out for Focus and Constitution prior to purchasing an armor set, as it increases your healing and damage, alongside survivability. Besides that, hold anything that helps in reducing the cooldown limit, as the gaps between them can have you and the entire party killed.