World of Warcraft: How to Deal with and Handle Rogues on Test Realms

Since private test realms are pretty much entirely pvp based, many people are going to create toons which are strictly for pvp. Rogues are a very popular pvp class for several reasons. They’re good for taking down enemies fast, keeping them from running, as well as stunning them and allowing the rest of the group to go in for the kill.
The problem is, rogues are becoming increasingly popular for this fact. It’s also becoming harder and harder to BE a rogue because of how many other rogues there are out there to get you. There’s nothing worse than going for a weak target and having 3 more rogues pop up on top of you at the last second.

So how do you deal with these rogues? You’re going to realize that as a rogue, it’s nearly impossible to hit good critical shots on people anymore once you hit final tier gear and what not, because of increased resilence and stamina with everyone. It’s pretty much useless to try and go for the crits and burst damage. You’re going to be way better off countering the enemy by doing a much higher average damage per second.

So how do you do this? Work on your attack power as a rogue. The more attack power you have, the better results you will see. To increase your attack power, you can do several things. Make sure to jem all of your slotted gear with +20 attack power jems. This will give you a net gain of about 200-300 attack power, which can make a huge difference in the long run, if you’ve done it right.

Also, agility will increase your attack power. So the more agility you have, the more attack power you will be granted. Many people prefer the agility for the crits. The crit rate is nice, however it’s the melee attack power that you really benefit from. Raising strength will also raise your melee attack power. However, this is a bit harder with a rogue set of gear. Try to raise your agility, and attack power directly to get your damage up there higher.

You’ll find yourself getting owned in a hurry, regardless of your resilience rating, or your hp, if you don’t have a lot of attack power and you’re a rogue moving in on targets for high crits. Of course you may get the occasional high crit, but by that time, you’re either halfway dead or completely dead. Your only bet is to get your move on the other rogues first, stun, and use your melee attack power to obliterate them while they’re weak and more susceptible to damage.

Also, go subtlety spec. This is good for the hemmorhage ability. Make sure to equip your weapons accordingly, as well. Keep a really slow mainhand weapon. Glaives are decent for this. The slower the main hand weapon, the more damage you’re going to do with your hemmorhage ability. You’ll see some awesome results if you have a really slow, legendary weapon in your main hand, as well as a really high amount of attack power. You’ll be able to take down enemies much more quickly and efficiently than if you were a rogue focusing on high crits with your mutilate, ambush, or backstab abilities.

So, good luck with raising your rogue, and keep your eyes peeled for other rogues in the area!

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