Fist of Guthix Guide

Fist of Guthix is a multiplayer mini-game on Runescape. While playing it each of the 2 players will play as hunter and hunted. The hunter tries to kill the hunted. The hunted tries to get as many charges as they can before being killed. There are some more rules but I will not go over them as this is a guide for Fist of Guthix, not an introduction. No I will tell you the best strategies for your skills and some other advice/tips.
This strategy is for a high level of magic. Take a wizard hat and robe if you don’t have druid or combat robes to use instead. You will also need an amulet of power (if not affordable then use an amulet of magic), a cape of any style, some leather or stronghold boots, a fire staff, some leather gloves/ green d-hide vambraces, and the best ranged armor that you can wear (you will not need multiple of any item). When you are in the arena you will need to select auto cast on your best spell, but you can use the corresponding staff if your best spell is not a fire spell. When you are hunter you need the staff and magic gear. When you are hunted you need to have on all of the ranged gear because it is good against all types of combat.

This strategy is for a high level of strength, attack, and defense. Take as good of ranged armor as you can wear and as good of a weapon as you can use (scimitars are the best), and an amulet of power. When you are being hunted you will just need to have the armor on. When you are hunter then you will be able to dish out a lot of damage up close and will have to outrun your opponent.

This strategy is for a high level of ranged. Take the best ranged armor that you can get. Also take a crossbow if you can’t wield better than oak. If not then take your best bow and some good arrows. If you are taking a crossbow then also take some bronze bolts (they are cheap, but fairly good and the best that you can get as a non-member). When hunted and hunter you can have the same gear on besides the bow. If you are using a crossbow then you can also use a shield but it will take some of the ranged bonus away if it is too strong.

Now I will list some random tips (in a paragraph, so it isn’t a list). If you have your opponent on the outsides without their tele-orb you can cast snare on them so that you will be able to move to the center and get more charges, and can then continue hitting them. Magic is basically the most powerful skill to have as you have free runes and will be able to blast away as much as you want and hit up to 154s with fire blast. Even if you have bad magic levels you can still usually hit more with magic than with melee or ranged. You will be able to outrun your opponent if you have a level 3 explorer’s ring then you can run for a very long time. You gain more run energy when you are in the center than not in the center. You can rack up some serious charges in the center and not get too badly damaged with protection prayers on. The bandages heal 150 so don’t use them when you only have a “minor boo-boo” or less than 200 damage done to you (with lots of health like at least 400).